High Quality Repurposed Wedding Rings

Get an Ethical, Sustainable, Professionally Repurposed Engagement Ring

Fewer and fewer people today are purchasing traditional wedding rings. It's not that no one wants one. It's that it's become more difficult to find ethical engagement rings. Most engagement rings are made with large diamonds, which are sometimes artificial, but can also be blood or conflict diamonds. And no one wants that type of moral quandary associated with the happiest moments of their life. That's where high quality, repurposed wedding rings come in.

What Are High Quality Repurposed Wedding Rings?

Repurposed rings are rings that have been designed from older rings/jewellery. You can take any old jewellery from your family and redesign it entirely, so it's more modern, but still has the same sentimental value. A professionally repurposed engagement ring for example, may still have the diamond of your grandmother's ring, but will have a band that suits your soon-to-be spouse.

Why Should You Invest in a Professionally Repurposed Engagement Ring?

Since you're working with pre existing materials, redesigning an engagement ring can be more affordable than purchasing a brand new diamond. And, of course, it's more ethical: You aren't adding into the diamond market by repurposing a ring that already exists. It is also a sentimental way to give a nod to family tradition while still making it something that is uniquely yours.

Are you ready to design an engagement ring that you and your soon-to-be spouse will love? Think about the stories your ring can tell; the memories you can recall of the people who's jewellery it was created from. Using family jewellery brings a connection, a meaning that no high street bought jewellery could ever offer. Take a look in the family unused jewellery box and contact On a Carousel to find out more about the process of designing your sentimental and meaningful engagement ring/wedding band.


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