Jewellery Repurposing

Redesign and Repurpose Old Jewellery to Modern Styles

Do you have some jewellery in your jewellery box that you can't ever wear? If you have old jewellery that just doesn't suit modern styles, you might want to consider the benefits of jewellery repurposing. You can repurpose old jewellery to modern styles, so you can still wear your favorite pieces today.

The Art of Jewellery Repurposing

Repurposing jewellery isn't just about melting everything down and reforming everything from scratch. If it was, then it could be done with anything. When redesigning and repurposing old jewellery, your jeweller will take a look at what already exists, and determine the best ways to create a new design while still letting the old design shine.

This could include recutting gems to make them flash more, or replacing the gems altogether. It could include changing the settings, or it could include changing larger elements, such as the band of a ring, or the setting of a large pendant. But either way, some of what made the old piece special can still remain when you repurpose old jewellery.

Getting Started With Repurposed Jewellery

Find the pieces that you love and identify what you love about them. It might be the color and cut of the stones, the way the metal looks against your skin, or the lines of the jewellery itself. Once you've figured that out, you'll take it to your designer. Your designer will look at how to retain as much of the character and material of the jewellery while updating it to a new design. They'll then print a 3D copy of the design for you, so you can see how it looks for size and aesthetics.


Jewellery repurposing is a sentimental way to make use of those family heirlooms and hand-me-downs that you would otherwise never wear. Take a look in your jewellery box today, and contact On a Carousel to find out more information.