Personal Jeweller

Redesign Your Antique Store Finds With Your Personal Jeweller

It's happened to everyone: You find an almost perfect piece of jewellery in the antique store, but it's broken! Well, now you have the solution. You can redesign your antique store finds with the help of a jewellery service. Your jewellery service can reset, repair, and entirely redesign jewellery to suit your needs.

Styles Change, But Materials Don't


You may have found some gorgeous gems, but they may not be cut correctly, or set correctly. Both gem cuttings and settings have changed dramatically in style due to new technology. Your jeweller can recut gems, losing only a little of their material, or reset them to bring more light and flash to them. This can dramatically change the look of your jewellery.

You Choose How Extensive Your Design Is

Or, your personal jeweller can redesign the piece from the ground up, if you just love the look of the stones themselves. Your jeweller will be able to show you a design in advance, so you can approve of it, and will even be able to replicate the design with 3D printing so you know how it feels, too.

Don't waste those gorgeous antique jewellery finds, especially if you can get a great deal on them! You're limited by only your imagination, and if there's a piece that you've desperately been wanting to get your hands on, your jeweller may be able to help you make it from something that you already have. Contact On a Carousel to find out more.