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Updated: Apr 3, 2020

A personal service with 1-1 contact throughout

Empathic, sentimental and caring consultation

Unlimited access to your consultant

• Respect and courtesy for your memories

An individually tailored service for you

No mass-produced jewellery, off the shelf or ready made

Every piece designed and made to order exclusive to you.

Appointments at a time of your choosing, including out of hours, via video links of your choice

Complete confidentiality

All designs are unique

All jewellery is hallmarked

We only use high-quality professionals who share our exceptionally high standards

Your piece(s) designed and produced with love and respect

All our designs are created using ethical, sustainable and conflict free materials including Fair Trade, Recycled and Reused precious metals and gemstones. We use as much as possible of your donor jewellery, adding in where necessary using suppliers that meet the above strict criteria.

Try your piece(s) before you commit to your final design. We will 3D print your design in resin for you to try for size, fit and aesthetics, as many times as it takes to give you your perfect piece of memorable jewellery.

We take time to get to know you, listen to your wonderful memories and sentimentally design your jewellery around you, your expectations and your aspirations.

How much more sentimental could an engagement/wedding/eternity or dress ring be?

Your unique design will have its own history; tell its own story and by sharing your story you will be remembering the loved ones who bought/wore it first. The good times, the funny times, the little foibles they had sharing the love and memories that your donor piece holds.

Designs by Joan Codina, Hatton Garden, London.

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