COVID-19 and your jewellery

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Ever thought that your jewellery could harbor dangerous bacteria and viruses that have the potential to kill you? Scary thought isn’t it? It is even more important these days to clean not just your hands, but also your wedding, engagement or what ever rings, bracelets, watches, anklets and piercings you are wearing.

Jewellery with stones set in them are particularly vulnerable to harboring nasties, along with dead skin and soap residues. These are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses, and as such, should be thoroughly, but gently, cleaned at least once a day.

Myself? I’ve removed all my hand jewellery apart from my watch. I don’t have the time or inclination to clean all the jewellery I wear on a daily basis; so for now I’m jewellery free. It does feel strange at first, like you’ve lost part of your hand, and the dents in your fingers left from tight fitting rings are not particularly attractive either. Quite ageing in fact.

This is, however, the least of our worries. Once the lock down is lifted there will be some scary sights out there; people not having had their hair cut/coloured, bright legs that could bring the ISS down from their reflection from the sun. Pasty faces from the lack of sun kissed/burned glow it brings to your skin.

Nope, washing my jewellery is one thing I’m happy to give up, and looking like Stig of the dump’s poor wife is a small price to pay in order to stay safe.

HOWEVER… if you really must wear your jewellery please clean it regularly; and please, do not just throw it into a sink full of warm soapy water, swish it around, and think that this will do the job…it won’t!

To do the job properly it will take time.. and a gentle hand.

Follow our next blog when we will explain how to clean your jewellery the safe and effective way, and advise on those pieces that should not be cleaned in water and/or require specialist treatment.

Until then, stay safe and get ready for some cleansing……

From the team at On A Carousel xx

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