Recycled Precious Metals

Give the Gift of Conflict-Free, Recycled Keepsakes

If you're someone who is worried about recycling and sustainability, then you're probably worried about the gem trade, too. It's not just diamonds. Many precious metals and gems are produced in conflict-prone regions, devastating local economies and taking advantage of local workers. But with conflict-free, recycled keepsakes, you can get the jewellery you love without a crisis of conscience.

The Benefits of Recycling Precious Metals

One of the reasons that precious metals are so "precious" is because they can be melted down and recycled with ease. Gold, in particular, can be melted down and purified, so that it can then be used in any carat you desire. Silver and other metals can be similarly melted down and reformed into anything you want. So, don't toss out any of that old, broken jewellery!

You can even find some great deals on broken jewellery at your local antique shops and pawn shops, if you just want something that you can melt down and reform.

The Importance of Conflict Free Gems


Conflict free gems are an incredibly important part of ethical purchasing today. Diamonds, in particular, are often mined in highly conflicted regions—they are blood diamonds. Even from a reputable broker, it can be difficult to determine whether a diamond could be a blood diamond. But when you recycle gems from antique jewellery or family keepsakes, you know that you aren't contributing to that market. Buying used and using those used gems is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to make sure you aren't contributing to conflict.

Everything's better when it's ethical. On a Carousel, you can have your bespoke jewellery designed with materials you know are conflict-free and recycled. Find out more today.


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