Unique Repurposed Designer Jewellery

Saving Your Family Keepsakes With a Unique Vintage Jewellery Designer

Don't just keep your family keepsakes in a box. Everyone wants to be able to wear their family keepsakes, but many of them simply aren't modern. They may be broken, or they may look "tacky." But you can save them, with the help of a unique vintage jewellery designer.

What is Unique Repurposed Designer Jewellery?

Unique, repurposed designer jewellery is a type of designer jewellery that is designed from older, often antique jewellery. These designs are updated either to modern sensibilities or simply to the characteristics that the owner likes the most. By repurposing jewellery, people are able to extend the life of jewellery that would otherwise be too dated, or jewellery that is irretrievably broken.

You can even split a single piece of jewellery, like a ring, into multiple rings. This is a great option for situations in which multiple people may want a single keepsake, such as an engagement ring or a wedding ring. Everyone gets a meaningful piece, and no one is left out.

What Jewellery Can a Unique Vintage Jewellery Designer Work With?

Jewellery in general is quite malleable. Even if a piece can't be salvaged, it can still be melted down and its materials worked with. Thus, a jewellery designer can usually work with virtually any piece. You can contact them and find out what they suggest for the pieces that you're working with. Once you have an idea of what you want, they'll be able to produce a sample for you, and you can be on your way to creating jewellery that really means something to you.

Everyone wants to keep their family keepsakes, but sometimes they might need a little work before they become something that you can proudly wear. On a Carousel can help you design the perfect jewellery for you, that will still use as much as you want from the older pieces. Contact On a Carousel today to find out more.